Update on Daniel

To all who have been praying for young Daniel, many thanks! You prayers are being answered. A friend of a friend here in Kigali has some medical contacts in the US who send surgeons to Rwanda periodically to work for a few weeks. Following a phone conversation with this lady we sent her Daniel's story and some pictures of his wound. She forwarded them to her contacts in the States who have a colleague working in Rwanda right now. He is working in a hospital run by Partners in Health about 2 hours out of the city and having seen the pictures of Daniel's thigh has agreed to do a skin graft next week. It will involve about one month of hospitalization for Daniel but will almost certainly insure his full and speedy and much less painful recovery.   Praise God once again for his provision.

Ernest in red working with guys from ‘Ten Talents’

As part of our ongoing project to get rabbits into as many 'back yards' as possible, we set Ernest up to build a rabbit hutch with the guys from 'Ten Talents International'. Part of what this organization has done is to train a number of underprivileged Rwandan boys to build and sell rabbit hutches. The hutches are top quality and Ernest is really enjoying the opportunity to learn carpentry skills that we hope he will eventually be able to pass on to some of the guys at the Vineyard.

Our first Children’s Meeting

After worship on Sunday we blessed the children to go to their own meeting. They were very excited to have a children's meeting that is geared to their level of interest. So the sewing machines were moved to one side and the new benches set out and 3 of the ladies led the meeting with songs and stories. It certainly made preaching to the adults a lot less disruptive. Another win-win situation!

The morning sewing group in session

Today 15 women from our community began a month long intensive sewing class. Some are learning to use a machine for the first time and others are more advanced and already learning to make crafts from African gatenga fabric. The teacher Flora has her own business and produces quality crafts  herself. When the ladies are trained and producing their own creations we would like to find markets in the US and the UK for their products. Hopefully we will be able to post some pictures of the finished work at the end of the month. It is such a blessing to see the church buildings used to benefit the community. This is truly becoming a community center.

Turn aside once in a while

While walking to my friend Antoine's house yesterday morning, I turned aside from my stressful mindset to see the most beautiful blue flowers growing over the Carpenters wall. At that moment God 'spoke' to me that as He is the creator of this beauty, He is also in control of all His creation. Life threw some fairly stressful stuff at me yesterday but I was somehow at peace through it all. Thank you Lord for those little things that you put in our way to help us turn aside for a moment and realize that you are indeed Lord over all.