Guitar class

With a view to bringing some more musianship to our worship team we
have started giving guitar lessons on Saturday afternoons. There are 6
beginners who are learning and we were blessed recently with a
donation of a new guitar brought to us from friends in Nairobi by a
visiting team from a Vineyard church in St. Louis.

Daniel in orange at home with parents, siblings and grandmother

Daniel's family are so blessed to have him back home. He has been able
to manage the one hour walk to church with his family on Sundays and
join in Children's church. The skin graft has taken well and there are
no physical handicaps as a result. Unfortunately the trauma of 4
months pain and suffering have taken its toll on Daniel's personality.
His Dad tells me he is eating dirt and that he gets quite hysterical
from time to time. Please pray for his emotional healing. Many thanks
again for all the support for Daniel and his family during this