Antoine and Florence

Here in Nova Scotia we are enjoying unseasonably warm weather and as I sit in our new home in Timberlea with the sun shining through the windows I am reminded of our other home in Kigali. During my weekly Skype meeting with Antoine yesterday he mentioned that they are having an unusual amount of rain which is threatening to damage all their crops. The weather is just so messed up.

There was a good report from the Students who are being sponsored in our Secondary School Sponsorship Program. They are all busy doing year-end exams and we look forward to good results in the New Year. Please pray them this week. Every student now has an mentor in the church who is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the student.

Florence is in good health as she approaches the sixth month of her second pregnancy. They’ve been told it is a girl and they are both very excited at her expected arrival the first week of March. Please pray for them as the face a number of challenges leading the church.