Getting back to Kigali!

Fly Away Finnertys

We are so grateful for the many faithful supporters who have journeyed with us over the past number of years. Perhaps there are some new people who would like to help out with our flights back to Rwanda?



The youth at the Halifax Metro Vineyard have been busy lately collecting unwanted jewelry in an effort to raise funds to sponsor a Secondary school student in Rwanda. They sold the donated ‘bling’ at the Vineyard regional conference in St. John last weekend and raised enough money to cover Erik’s tuition for the next 3 years. Way to go guys!

Erik is 20 years old and lost both his parents a number of years ago. He lives with a friend near our church and is a smart guy who speaks some English and would like to be a journalist. He is very determined and walks almost two hours to get to school each day.

This is a very positive connection between our Canadian and Rwandan youth that we would like see develop in new ways.