English in Rwanda

Having successfully completed the 40 hour online portion of my TESL course, I began this week putting my skills into practice. IJM were asked to provide an ESL teacher for a Rwandan legal professional and I offered to help. The first three evening lessons have gone very well and I hope to help this student improve her English significantly in the next 6 months.
In November and December I will be teaching our 14 Secondary School Sponsored Students English over a six week period during their school break. English is becoming a very important language in Rwanda since they joined the British Commonwealth and all lessons are being taught now in English instead of French. The last remaining traces of the Belgian colonialists are quickly disappearing as Rwanda becomes established as a
strong independent nation


This is an example of Rwandan art. Typically this art form is made from cow dung which is spread on wood and the designs are then created in the ‘mud”. This series of images is a part of a wall hanging in the Nyungwe Lodge in the Rwandan rainforest.


Church Leadership


We had a great day last Saturday of prayer, teaching, and planning with the leadership of the Vineyard Church in Rwanda. We are so blessed to be growing together in the Lord as we seek his direction for His church and the role that we are privileged to play.

P1210190 P1210191

Our church secretary Clemence had her first training session yesterday with two staff members from the Acacia Accounting firm. Now that we are legally registered as the Vineyard Church in Rwanda we will need to comply with all the necessary administrative rules and regulations. Antoine and Ambroise who is the church treasurer sat in on the session. Thanks to Valans and Sosthene for their help.