Transition time

We find ourselves back in that strange headspace of packing up one life and getting mentally ready to unpack the other. Val and Brendan will be leaving for Rwanda on July 30th and Pat will follow on August 13th. We have been blessed with a nice young couple to rent our house while we are away and many other things are coming together nicely for which we give thanks to the great provider. Joel, who graduates next week and begins University in September, will be staying with the Churchills who are dear friends. We are very grateful that he will be staying with this wonderful family. We continue to work towards raising funds for a reliable (not too old) vehicle when we get back to Kigali and this Saturday we are having a giant yard sale at our church on  1129 Sackville Drive to help with raising funds for P23138TA205152_c_43.1that. Come one, come all.