Muyange Vineyard

It has been a good week in Kigali. We feel much more settled and a number of things have come together for us as a family. We bought a car that was within our budget on Thursday. It is a 1998 Toyota Rav 4 and it was in much better condition that the other three we had seen, which cost a lot more. We had the brakes done and it needs four new tires. Please God we will have more success with this one than previous vehicles.

I completed my TESL online course one day before the deadline and I am now a certified English as a Second Language teacher. I am looking forward to using my new skill to help our secondary school sponsored students improve their English. Ambroise and I met with a guy from the US with an agricultural background who has been working with Rwandans on a Farming God’s Way project and he has agreed to help us kick start our own project again in Muyange. The three of us will start on Wednesday and I am really excited to see what God will do with this. More to follow in the next few weeks!

Val and Brendan are enjoying life at KICS (Kigali International Community School). Brendan is in grade 10, doing some grade 11 courses. He loves his new teachers this year. Val is busy helping with the middle school English department, and middle and high-school drama. She is having a real hoot with the kids in drama. Joel starts University this week and we are missing him. We are already thinking about having him to visit at Christmas.

Church in Muyange this morning was very lively as usual. We presented the children with a big poster from the children at the Metro Vineyard which they were very excited about. We will have it mounted and hung in the Sunday school room. The church building continues to progress. Plastering the outside has already begun and is coming along nicely.

It is good to be back in Rwanda. We look forward to seeing what God will do and will keep you informed as it all unfolds. Blessings and many thanks for your prayers and support.