Muyange Vineyard Sponsored Students

Apollinaire and Students 10. Innocent 8. Clemence 5. Gaudance 2. Jean Bosco 1. Joseph

We had a fun little get together with some of our sponsored students after church last Sunday. Apollinaire who has agreed to connect with and follow up on the students on this end, joined us. We talked about doing an ‘English as a Second Language’ course during their school break in November and they were quite excited about it. We would like to get the students corresponding with their respective sponsors by the end of this year as part of the English class.

We have 14 students sponsored this year and if we can find new sponsors we would like to add another 6 next year. If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a student to go to Secondary School, just reply through this website or to and we can send the relevant information with no obligation. Many thanks to our present sponsors; your help is having a greater impact than you can imagine. Blessings.