January Update



With a wonderful Christmas season behind us, 2014 is promising to be a great and busy year for the Vineyard Church in Rwanda. Our kid’s party on Christmas day was a big success with lots of fun and laughter. The kids went home very happy with the treat bags they received.

On the leadership front, Apollinaire has started a 2 year diploma program in Biblical studies at a Bible school in our district. Silvere is taking a certificate course at the same college. Silvere and his family have moved to Mageregere and started a small group which he intends to develop as a church plant. The plan is to have a church in each of the 3 districts in Kigali city and the village of Mageregere is the second after our church in Muyange.

Our Farming God’s Way program continues to make progress and we are almost ready to harvest our corn from the first planting season. We have already begun preparing our 5th and much larger garden for the next planting season in February. We are also working on a garden where we will plant 12 banana trees. One of our neighbors has agreed to try a 12 x 12 meter well watered garden in February and we will be helping him with that.

The lack of progress with the church building continues to be a real concern. In July we will have our assessment to determine our eligibility for permanent registration, and while our community and social development programs are going well, the lack of progress with our building is going to be a major obstacle. Please pray for a breakthrough with funding to move the building forward.

Family wise we had such a wonderful Christmas all together, with Joel’s girlfriend Rachel joining us. We felt so blessed, and just having Joel with us was the best Christmas present ever. We spent 4 days at the Free Methodist mission compound near Lake Kivu and really enjoyed the peace and fun we had together.

Our church planting training that was postponed in November is now rescheduled for February and I look forward to reporting on some great things that we are expecting from that. Until my next news report I just want to say once again how blessed and grateful we are for all your prayers and support. Fond regards and blessings.