Harvest time at Rwanda Vineyard model farm

We have been blessed with a good harvest from the last planting season. From our 12 x 12 meter well watered corn garden we got 38 kilos of corn. From our 6 x 6 meter well watered gardens we got 4.5 kilos of beans from each garden and 4 kilos of peanuts. We are quite pleased with this result and hopeful of a good harvest from our bananas which ought to produce next year. Next month we will begin to prepare for the next planting in September.

I firmly believe that Rwanda can not only meet but exceed all its food needs by implementing better methods of farming such as ‘Farming God’s Way’. Details on this method of farming can be found on their website at www.farming-gods-way.org.2014 Vineyard Harvest IMG_2519 IMG_2529