The bamboo is replaced with bricks

The Finnertys are busy planning for a Home Assignment to Canada, due to arrive this summer, July 11, 2012. Follow along as Patrick brings us the news.

For those who have followed the progress of our church building on our blog page, you will realize that it is the thing that is taking up a lot of our time and energy lately. We are very pleased with the progress as Phase one (foundations, reinforced pillars and walls) is now complete. Phase two will be the floor, windows and doors and we will be finishing that as funds allow. We look forward to meeting in our new ‘almost complete’ building and giving thanks and praise to God for all that he has made possible through those who are committed to supporting the work that He is doing here.


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Antoine addresses youth at the start of VBS

As we begin to plan ahead for the fall which is the short rainy season in Rwanda, it is good to take some time to look back at the past few months which was our long dry season, and give thanks for all that has been happening in and round the Muyange Vineyard…

Learning to use a Tippy Tap

Learning to use a Tippy Tap

Much has happened at the Muyange Vineyard Church since our last newsletter in November 2010. The picture of a green patch on our last newsletter now has a large building on it that will eventually cater for three to four hundred people on Sundays, thanks to the Saint John Vineyard. Last week we had all four buildings wired and with electricity we held our first small group leaders meeting last Tuesday evening with light! Thanks to Chilliwack Vineyard for a donation for the building fund that we used a large portion of for the wiring of all the buildings.


Sunday Worship at Muyange Vineyard

Sunday Worship at Muyange Vineyard

It is wonderful to see how God loves his church. We are grateful for the many ways that he has shown his love and faithfulness to the little flock that meets at the Muyange Vineyard on the outskirts of Kigali. Despite a number of setbacks and challenges over the past year, the gathering continues to be strong. The dynamic of the congregation is changing as the city expands and it is exciting to see the number of newcomers who have decided to join the church. There are also a number of loved ones who have had to move away for various social, economic and legal reasons. We miss them and pray that the seed which is planted in them will grow and bear fruit elsewhere.