MAY 2010

By Patrick Finnerty

Our friends in Kigali continue to move forward with the development of the church land. The first long drop toilet is almost complete and a second is already under construction. We have been blessed that most Sundays during the rainy season have been dry so meetings have continued unhindered. Much has been achieved with very little and we continue to pray for an increase in resources to move the work forward.
Because we have not had any visitors for more than 6 months our basket weavers have had no income and have accumulated a stock of 37 baskets that we need to sell. We are still praying for a market for our beautiful baskets outside of our visitors who have until now bought all our crafts. Our goats continue to reproduce and have been a great blessing to many of the villagers.

First toilet block under construction on the church land in Muyange.

Our friend Jocelyn is doing well and has not been in hospital since early December, praise God. We are hopeful for a complete restoration of health to follow the restoration of her hope for the future through her newly acquired skill as a seamstress. We continue to pray for Jocelyn and for all the other income generating projects initiated by the local church in Kigali.
With Presidential elections coming up in August, tension is mounting in Rwanda. May God pour out His peace on this country that has known so much violence and fear.

By Patrick Finnerty

As winter fades and we enjoy the sunny and unseasonably warm weather in Nova Scotia we are reminded a little of a small African country just south of the equator where it is always warm. It also reminds us of the transition that we will be making soon as we return to our home in Rwanda. The missionary life is a life of changes. In May of 2009 we arrived in Nova Scotia for our first furlough after three and a half years in Rwanda. Being loved on and cared for by our sending church family made adapting into Canadian life again much easier. For our TCK (Third Culture Kid) boys it has not always been easy but they have re-adapted well to their (Canadian) passport country.

Joel and his friend Zack help with clean up at the ministry center of our home church in Halifax.
Thanks be to God that Val’s closure surgery went well so we are now in planning mode for the journey that will take us back to the mission field. There is much to do to get ready for the next stage in our adventure and we are blessed to have so many prayer partners to carry us through. On April 10th we visited the Valleygate Vineyard in the beautiful Annapolis Valley to share our story. Valleygate Vineyard has been partnering with the Rwanda Vineyard Mission for some time now and we really enjoyed connecting with them again in person. We have two more speaking engagements before July at Grace Chapel in Halifax and at St. Croix Vineyard in New Brunswick.
Apart from enjoying great fellowship and teaching at our home church there have been a number of highlights during our furlough. We have loved the peace and quiet while walking in the woods and on the beaches of the Maritimes. In Rwanda it is almost impossible to be ‘alone’, it being the most densely populated country in Africa. The boys enjoyed soccer in the summer but Joel missed out on the indoor soccer because of a knee injury. We were blessed to have Joel prioritized for knee surgery and on April 28 he had a torn meniscus repaired. He is recovering well and we are praying that he will be able to participate in and enjoy playing soccer next season.

In 2009 Brendan worked with his friend Amanda Ellis on her movie ‘The great dismay of Ruby Mae’ which was entered in an international youth film festival. The movie won the audience appreciation award out of the 10 finalists.

Our trip to St. Louis and the US Vineyard Missions conference in October was most enjoyable and very educational. We are blessed to have made some great new friends in the US and look forward to developing our relationships with the Hope Vineyard and the Madison Vineyard. It was great connecting with the folks at the St. John Vineyard in the fall and we had so much fun during the Rwanda Night organized by the St. Croix Vineyard.
Please keep us in your prayers as we busy ourselves with the many preparations required to transition well into the work that awaits us in Rwanda. May God’s light shine upon you all.


The next few months will be very busy visiting churches in the Maritimes and preparing for our return to Rwanda. Please pray for peace and good health to transition well from Canada to Rwanda.
We still have quite a way to go with raising funds for a Mission Vehicle and school fees. We are at $9000 of our $15000 for the vehicle. $15000 may seem a lot but in Rwanda where a new vehicle can easily cost $60000 it is not too much.
Pray that we will find a market for the baskets that are being produced by our ladies, many who have AIDS.
As elections are coming up in Rwanda please pray for God’s influence with the leaders of the country and for peace and stability.
If you would like to support the efforts in Rwanda please visit our website at or contact our Sending Team leader, Sheryl Darrow at If you are a donor and have questions or concerns please contact Sheryl as well.